GraphTalk A.I.A. Software

by Michael Stoyanov


DXC’s GraphTalk A.I.A. is a product and policy administration software solution for managing life insurance, risk and protection, savings, pensions and annuities, as well as health, general, and property and casualty insurance (personal and commercial). It provides total administration of the portfolio throughout the full customer/product lifecycle and an included CRM module gives a high-level overview of all client relationships. This policy administration system features a wide range of pre-populated product templates with flexible product definition, support for multiple distribution channels, and product- and task-oriented workflow for automating and streamlining all business processes from quotes to claims. It supports easy, flexible configuration by users without the need for complex coding and programming, and integration with technologies like XML, .net, Websphere, Oracle, and J2EE.

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Alex 5:19pm 20th October 2020

Great insurance software ever!

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