IT specialist Atos makes bid for DXC

by Michael Stoyanov


IT outsourcing giant Atos has put in a bid to acquire DXC Technology, which would give the French IT giant a big foot in the door to the U.S. market.

The rumor first ran last week on Reuters,

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Another COVID-19 vaccine success? Candidate may prevent further coronavirus transmission, too.

by Michael Stoyanov


A third COVID-19 vaccine candidate has convincing evidence that it works, and it may be easier to distribute and cheaper than the two other vaccines already shown to protect people. Developed by th

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Trump Administration Poised to Deport Chinese Journalists Day After Election

by Michael Stoyanov


Chinese reporters were notified last week that they had received their visa extensions, but they were only valid until Nov. 4, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters on Monda

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NASA mission successfully touched down on asteroid Bennu

by CNN


After orbiting the near-Earth asteroid Bennu for nearly two years, NASA OSIRIS-REx spacecraft successfully touched down and reached out its robotic arm to collect a sample from the asteroid surface

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Covid: How worried should we be?

by Michael Stoyanov


Winter looks like it is going to be tough. Cases are rising across the whole of the UK, the restrictions on our lives are already tightening, there are fears some hospitals are starting to

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