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My Resume


February 2020 - Present

AP Pension DK

Post Production support

Data fixes, defect fixings and enhancements in following domains : New Business, Web services, Claims, Premiums, Investment, Funds.

Senior Developer
September 2018 - Janyary 2020

CRC France

Implementation of health products for French market

Develop Daily batches for direct debit, premium creation, premium follow-up, settlement payments, accounting writings, document generation, product parametrization for coverages, billings, premium tariffs, health settlements, taxes and charges, commissions, clauses, accounting, documents, investigate the DB from legacy system and create extraction scripts for the migration in AIA.

Senior Developer
September 2018 - Janyary 2020


Implementation of pension products combined with death risk

Develop proposition, new business, amendment, medical acceptance process. New calculation engine for premium simulation allowing to calculate all amounts for the pension contract duration. Calculation engine for annuities.

Senior Developer
September 2018 - Janyary 2020

AEGON Hungary

Migration from AIA.4 to AIA.5

Develop enhancements in migration engine AIA5 and extraction/cleaning transactions for AIA4. Retrofit gaps in widow pension, total surrender in case of death( % of retirement pension).

Senior Developer
March 2017 - August 2018

ANVZN Belgium

Implementation of notaries products

Develop enhancements in migration engine AIA5 to manage customized data during migration. Develop gaps in New Business, Front office, Financial flows, Turnover loading, Taxation, Claims, Printing, Parametrization of accounting, commissions, premium tariffs, claim settlements, documents, authorizations.

Senior Developer
July 2015 - February 2017


Implementation of non life products

Develop New business process , Quotes management via web services, new coinsurance module. Parametrization and development of commissions. Integration of AIA accounting module with SAP. Integration of AIA with reinsurance application SICS.

Senior Developer
June 2011 - June 2015


Implementation of home and auto products

Migration from legacy system to A.I.A. 4.31. Develop anniversary batches (renewal and indexation), cancellation and reactivation process, reporting batches. Post production support in following areas: financial flows, commissions, accounting, reporting, printing, renewal, CRM.

Senior Developer
September 2003 - March 2010


Implementation of home and auto products

Post production support in following areas : contract, amendment, renewal, financial flows, commissions, reporting, CRM, claims.

Senior Developer


July 2006 - January 2007

Professional qualification in Insurance management

Firm understanding of insurance fundamentals and enable to build towards advanced technical knowledge, thereby ensuring to have the means of function effectively in a challenging environment.

High School of Insurance and Finances, Sofia, Bulgaria
March 1989 - December 1994

Master of Computer Science

From programming and data structures to digital math and business.

Tecnical University, Sofia, Bulgaria
March 1989 - December 1994

High School of Mathematics

Since the establishment of the high school students of the school participate in the Balkan, European and international competition in mathematics.

Jambol, Bulgaria, 1985 to 1989
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About Me

I am currently working as a freelance senior developer and is always interested in a challenge. Reach out to michaellstoyanov@gmail.com to connect!

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

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My Services


Any kind of development on Graphtalk. Post production support, maintenance, new development, small enhancements, design and tests in all insurance domains.

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Experience 1 year. Can be taken less complicated tasks.

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Experience 1 year. Can be taken less complicated tasks.

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